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Hey hey hey! This is Julie. Im from WV and so on and so on. If you want to know more or you are just really really bored and wanna chat you can email me at juliem@casinternet.net or IM me on AOL at julieann7787!!! :)


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Well this is my 'journal' I guess you could say, you all will finally see the most boringest life in the entire world. Is boringest even a word? Well it is now.

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Man.. tomorrow is gonna suck. We have to go back to school and it's already 11. I'm never gonna ger up in the morning... :*(    Well nothing much has been happening with my boring life. Nothing ever happens. I hate my life!!!!! I really do. I can't ever get a boyfriend, most of the friends I have, the only time I talk to them are at school then if I do see them after school or something like that... there too busy with their b\fs or g\fs. *sighs*  Oh well... people say that with time things will get bettter!!! BUT I DON'T WANT TO WAIT!  lol.. well it's true. blah blah blah... that's all I ever do... So I'm out for now.

       yeah... later


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Wow! Neatness.... not

Hey ya'll. What's going on? Nothing much, this is my first time writing on this page. I had one at melo but I kinda got side-tracked for like a month or two or three, I don't remember exactly how long it was, but you get the point. Anyway.. Just checking out how this thing works and figuring some stuff out. If you have any pointers on anything tell me in that little message box thingy majigger. :) thanks

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